Volume I • Issue X

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May 2018


In our technology-dominated world, most modern marketing campaigns are based on electronic media such as emails, social networks and web site landing pages. Don’t give up on the old standbys completely, though. Believe it or not, direct mail is still a viable way of gaining new customers.

An article published last summer by Forbes found that people still value the importance of having information in writing, and holding something tangible in their hands. Here’s some recent statistics provided by DMA (Data & Marketing Association) and USPS (United States Post Service).

Over 100.7 million U.S adults made a catalog purchase in 2016.

9.8 billion catalogs were mailed in 2016

121.2 billion pieces of mail were received by U.S households in 2017

The volume of direct mail went down to 149.4 billion pieces in 2016, but direct mail as a percentage of all mail went up.

One of the main reasons some companies are moving away from direct mailing is the relatively low response rate. Reasons for that include the “message overload” that most consumers experience, and the overall effectiveness of the message. But the stats above show that direct mail is working well enough to consider it a viable channel, so why not take steps to maximize your success rates with accurate and targeted data.

It’s safe to say that an impersonal approach is not the best one to take. Mail addressed to “Current Resident,” often goes straight to the trash. Misspelled names are a turnoff, and mail that doesn’t relate to a recipient’s interest is also doomed.

Accurate data is the answer to those challenges. All Global Resources combines a variety of data mines into a single, central source that allows us to easily and quickly pull your data through any number of parameters. We are able to provide your company with fresher, better and more cost effective leads. We have about 97 percent of all domestic residential addresses, and 95 percent of all businesses.

Give us your targeted demographics we’ll provide a qualified list of recipients more open to your message. We encourage companies to use all marketing channels available to them, and direct mail is still a viable one.