Data Modeling Increases Telesales Productivity

Sales organizations that rely on outbound telesales as a driver of organic growth know that the channel has become more challenging in recent years. The ever-growing Do Not Call list, the consumer trend of ditching landlines, and a zero-tolerance regulatory environment have all contributed to economic pressure on the all-important metric of cost to acquire.

Telesales can still work, though, if organizations get smart with their data.

Purchasing leads simply by zip code used to be a good-enough approach for energy suppliers, back when market penetration was low and there were plenty of leads to choose from. Now the shrinking universe means that each lead has to be qualified, and that’s where All Global Resources has demonstrated value to its clients.

Our data is pulled from a variety of sources, ensuring freshness and accuracy. It’s also been cross-referenced against the publicly available utility data to create a lead pool that reflects a specific target audience. The result is a higher return on investment for your precious marketing dollars.

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