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Contact Data

Your marketing efforts need to reach the right prospects. That connection is the lifeblood of your business. But the fact is that up to 50 percent of your sales pitches can fall on prospects that are not qualified. Why? Because cheap leads are old, tired and ineffective.

Whether your sales channels include outbound telesales, email, mobile or door-to-door, you need customer leads that are freshly mined from core sources and carry a high rate of return. Most leads providers are simply middle-men brokers who repackage old data and mark it up for resale. They don't understand the quality drivers of good data. At All Global Resources, we stand behind the data we sell, and work closely with our clients to maximize its effectiveness.

All Global Resource Leads Advantages

Original: Our product is processed by us in-house from the core data mines around the world.

Fresher: Our data is typically 30-90 days fresher than other data bureaus.

Better: More accurate geo-graphical and bio-graphical information.

More: We tap all the major data mines, not just one or two like most data houses.

Higher Value: We don’t sell cheap leads. We sell viable acquisitions. It’s not about how much the lead costs. It’s about how much revenue that leads universe generates for you, dollar for dollar.

Multi-channel: Designed to be used by multiple engagement channels, such as telesales-plus-email, direct-mail plus door-to-door, etc.

Our Data Services Include:

Mass Market Leads
Available for both residential and commercial, these are typically used in direct-mail, telesales, and marketing analytics.
Opt-in Leads
Genuine opt-in leads with proof-of-compliance, used to reach mobile and Do-Not-Call customers.
Geo Mapping and Locating
Target precise location types and customer types for qualified prospects. Enhanced pre-launch forecasting and post-launch analysis.
Targeted Customer Leads
Typically used in door-to-door, direct-mail, telesales, and email campaigns.
Right-Party Validation
Know who has that phone number and where they are. Very important for win-back and current-customer outreach.
Customer and Market Analysis
All marketing drives off of customer behavior. Knowing your customers means controlling your future.

Compliance Engineering

Consumer contact compliance is often a treacherous road, filled with potholes that can inflict serious damage to your business. The direct marketing environment has never been more adversarial, as prosecutors and class-action lawyers are on the lookout for corporate violations. As well they should be. We're all consumers, too, and enjoy those rules that protect our time and privacy.

Running a compliant campaign isn't impossible. It just shouldn't be left on the shoulders of uniformed or an over-burdened internal resources. All Global Resources can be your guardrails in establishing a compliant and effective marketing effort. Our Compliance Engineering service evaluates every facet of your organization, and gets you moving toward a safe and effective contact strategy. In fact, clients under All Global Resources' direct supervision have never incurred a financial penalty for compliance infractions. Now that's an investment you can't afford not to make.

Compliance System Checklist

  • Inspect your compliance training, documentation, record-keeping, and escalation paths and recommend corrections and enhancements.
  • Inspect your downline vendors for compliance adherence, advertising protocols, record-keeping and defense architecture with reports to senior management on anomalies and correction needed.
  • Train and test your compliance teams on internal practices, external oversight, and compliance maintenance toward a more secure safe-harbor.
  • Synchronize your marketing operations with your compliance oversight to enhance your marketing security and expand your marketing channels.
  • Connect your counsel with expert counsel specific to your company’s needs.
  • Establish routine periodic compliance audits which report directly to top-tier management under attorney-client privilege.
  • Prepare your organization for obtaining Self-Regulating Organization status.

Compliance Assessment

As the above graphic illustrates, most compliance vendors fall into one of three camps: they are 'List Scrubbers', who splash data against Do Not Call lists and call it good; they are 'Compliance Educators' who produce white papers offering advice on effective selling while remaining safely outside the "real world;" or they provide Legal Opinion, often in a sideline, check-the-statues capacity that can carry a lot of weight with internal marketing executives but often misses the larger relative issues.

All Global Resources is the only compliance vendor that has actually designed and executed effective campaigns with its client partners. Dan Rieke, All Global Resources General Manager, is one of a select group to receive CECP certification from PACE, the leading trade organization for consumer outreach. Dan and his team continually see the results of their data and compliance safeguards through the same numbers marketing professionals care about, like Sales per Hour, Cost to Acquire, and Churn.

Even if you think you have most of the bullet points covered under our Compliance Engineering services, Dan and his team are available for limited ongoing or one-off consultation through Compliance Assessment. He'll take a look at your current operating procedures and suggest best practices that can keep your organization safe and out of legal entanglements. Call today for a consultation.